Current Students

If you are a current North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership student, this page is your primary source of information about funding, advanced training and how to make the most of your time as part of the NWSSDTP.

Course registration, assessment and progression are managed at a local level. Therefore any queries on such matters should be directed to your School PGR Administrator or your supervisor in the first instance. If you have any queries concerning your studentship payments or other institution-specific queries, your first point of contact will be your institutional Administrative Contact.

NWSSDTP Student Handbook

NWSSDTP Students should have received a Student Handbook at the commencement of their studentship, that outlines all the opportunities, policies and deadlines which DTP students should be aware of. Please see the most recent version of the NWSSDTP Student Handbook here.

Development Needs Analysis

All NWSSDTP-funded students are expected to undertake a Development Needs Analysis (DNA) process twice a year, during both their Master’s and PhD. The completed DNA forms will be formally reviewed by the NWSSDTP Training, Employability and Knowledge Exchange Panel. Reminders will be sent when it is time to complete the DNA form. The completion of this form is a strict requirement of NWSSDTP funding.


NWSSDTP-funded students have access to a number of different funded opportunities during the course of their studentship. These include: