CASE Studentships

The NWSSDTP runs an annual collaborative studentship competition (CASE) where academics from the four NWSSDTP institutions can apply for funding towards postgraduate projects that will be co-supervised with a representative from a non-HEI partner organisations. Successful applicants will then be invited to recruit a postgraduate candidate to undertake the project.

NWSSDTP CASE Studentships provide an opportunity for PhD students to gain first-hand experience of work outside an academic environment, with the student working on a doctoral project supported by both expert academic supervisors and a co-supervisor from a non-HEI partner organisation.

The competition for October 2020 entry has now closed.

The NWSSDTP CASE studentship competition is a two stage process:

The first stage is the proposal stage, where an academic and a non-HEI partner organisation collaborate to put together a proposal for a CASE Studentship using the application paperwork above. The deadline for the submission of the CASE Studentship Application Form was 8th November 2019. For information, the application paperwork can be found below:

If the proposal is successful, the second stage of the process will require the academic and the non-HEI partner organisation to select a suitable postgraduate candidate to undertake the project and notify the NWSSDTP by submitting the form below:

We welcome applications for 1+3 and 2+2 CASE studentships (Master’s + PhD), as well as +3 and +2 (PhD only) applications. We also welcome applications from students who wish to study part-time. The deadline for the submission of the CASE Student Nomination Form is 10th April 2020.

Please note that prospective PhD students can also propose their own CASE projects with a non-HEI partner organisation through the NWSSDTP Standard Studentship Competition.

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