Engagement with non-HEI partner organisations is an ESRC priority, and the NWSSDTP is committed to working in partnership to facilitate academic collaboration – supporting internships and collaborative studentships – to ultimately help drive innovation and growth.

The North West have an established history of collaboration with a range of organisations across the private, public and third sectors.

There are many significant benefits for non-HEI partner organisations in engaging with NWSSDTP funded students; not least you can gain access to top quality, highly talented, skilled and knowledgeable students who can help drive innovation and growth in your organisation. Collaboration between organisations and students can take effect in a number of different ways: some emerge from informal network contacts between individuals, while others result from a formal approach to an institution.

To find out more about applying for a collaborative studentship, please visit our CASE Studentship Competition page.

To read about some of our current NWSSDTP CASE Studentship Projects, please visit our Collaboration Blog Archive!

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