Overseas Fieldwork Funding

NWSSDTP students can apply for additional funding to support Overseas Fieldwork (OSFW) trips in support of their doctoral research.

NWSSDTP-funded students (including fees only students) can apply to this fund for overseas fieldwork taking place during their PhD. Master’s students are not eligible to receive OSFW funding during their master’s programme, but can submit an application during this time in preparation for OSFW research trips during their PhD. Fieldwork should not be undertaken in the last three months of the studentship.

The process for applying for OSFW support is outlined below:


There are two deadlines per year for OSFW applications to be submitted, in November and April. Details of upcoming deadlines can be checked on the NWSSDTP Events Calendar. It may take up to four weeks after the deadline to process the applications, so please ensure you apply well in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions


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