Guidance for Staff

The North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership (NWSSDTP) relies on the support of over 100 members of academic and administrative staff across the constitute Universities. The information on this page provides guidance for staff on various aspects of the DTP, and their role within it.

Studentship Competitions

The 2017/18 Standard Studentship Competition opened in August 2017. The deadline for applications is the 5th February 2018. Application paperwork can be found here

Events Funding

Institutional Pathway Representatives can apply for funding to run pathway events, to benefit both DTP-funded students and the wider disciplinary cohort.

Paperwork pending

Co-Supervision and Module Exchange

One of the key benefits of the consortium is the opportunity for students to access expertise and training from across the institutions in the NWSSDTP. Students can be supervised across two institutions in the DTP, and can also attend modules (accredited or auditing) offered by the partner institutions. The policy paperwork for these arrangements can be found below.

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