North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership

Attending a one-day training course for managing challenging interviews

Daisy Harvey, Health & Wellbeing, Lancaster University (2020 Cohort)

I recently attended a one-day training course (held over two mornings) for managing challenging interviews, which was advertised through the Social Research Association (SRA).  I’m a second year PhD researcher based in the department of health research at Lancaster University, and my PhD is looking at how people living with bipolar disorder talk about risk-taking. The SRA provide regular practical training which covers qualitative and quantitative methods as well as other research methods and techniques. The courses that the SRA provide begin at £220, although if you are a member of the SRA the courses are £165 and student membership costs £25 for a year.  The course that I attended was delivered by Jane Kerr who is a senior researcher at the NatCen social research organisation. 

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Attending the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) conference

Alex Welsh, Social Statistics, Lancaster University (2019 Cohort)

In September, I went to a conference. In a normal year, this wouldn’t be a particularly unusual development, but it’s 2021, 18-months after the start of lockdown part I, and this conference was IN-PERSON. The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) conference was the first not on Zoom/Teams that I’ve attended since starting my PhD two years ago. Although four days in Manchester wasn’t quite the same as a jaunt to Bilbao (the formerly planned location of another online conference I’d attended), I was excited to get out of my home office and meet new people in my field.

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Attending the Museum Association 2021 Annual Conference thanks to the Research Training Support Grant.

Marjotte Miles, Economic & Social History, University of Liverpool (2021 Cohort)

Every year, the Museum Association organises an annual conference that highlights some of the most contemporary debates in the museum sector. This year, the conference took place at the Museums of Liverpool and centred around the question – “How can museums change lives in a post-pandemic world and help society respond to the many challenges it faces?”. The program included a varied panel that discussed
topics such as climate action, queer rights, colonisation and technology.

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A glimpse of working in the industry as a researcher through the Accelerating Business Collaboration (ABC) initiative and Code-Switch Consultants

Andrea Aparicio-Castro, Social Statistics, University of Manchester (2018 Cohort)

Last September, I started my final year of my PhD. As opposed to what I expected, being in my last year has brought a lot of uncertainty to me. When I commenced my PhD, I was sure that I wanted to be in academia. However, my time as a PhD candidate has taught me all the opportunities that exist after completing a PhD. One of them is to work outside academia. Therefore, I enrolled in the Accelerating Business Collaboration (ABC) initiative that the ESRC provides. This initiative focuses on Social Sciences researchers who want to collaborate with non-academic partners. This initiative has two separate programmes: a Research-Driven Programme and Industry-Driven Programme. I decided on the latter, in which Code-Switch Consultants delivers an intensive training programme and I could work on an industry-focused project.

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