North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership

New challenges for conference presenting: global pandemics and multiple languages

Andrea Aparicio-Castro, Social Statistics, University of Manchester, 2018 Cohort

Many PhD students have been presenting online at international conferences due to the current pandemic. I was one of them last December when I had the opportunity to participate as a speaker in the International Conference of the Latin American Population Association (ALAP, by its Spanish acronym). My presentation was about translating from five-year to one-year migrant data. More than the topic of my presentation, I would like to share how this conference was a different experience for me. The ALAP conference not only encapsulated the effects of presenting a subject in the middle of a pandemic but also raised new considerations for conference presenting.

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From antifascism to environmental peacebuilding

Matt Hanley, Development and Humanitarianism in an Unequal World, Lancaster University, 2019 Cohort

One cold winter afternoon in Berlin in 2016 I stood in solidarity with a small group of fellow antifascists, squaring up to about 3000 right-wing anti-immigrant protestors as they marched through the city’s Government quarter, chanting ‘We are the people’ and ‘Merkel must go!’. They were protesting the arrival in Germany of mostly Syrian refugees escaping the bloody civil war.

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Making the most of training opportunities during a pandemic

Matina Shafti, Psychology, University of Manchester, 2019 Cohort

One of the most valuable aspects of doing a PhD is the wide range of skills you can build throughout your time as a student. This is especially made possible for NWSSDTP students who have access to the Research Training Support Grant (RTSG). You can apply to the RTSG to cover various costs relating to your research, such as attending conferences, purchasing books and training events. While the amount you can claim for some things is limited, there is funding available to cover the costs of training relevant to your research. This means that you can go to training events free of cost, as long as it is necessary for your PhD.

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Internship with the Department for Education

Andrew McKendrick, Economics, Lancaster University, 2017 Cohort

In September 2020 I started an internship at the Department for Education (DfE). Its in London, I was in Lancaster. Such is the deal with an internship taking place during in a major public health situation – interning from home.

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