North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership


Mediating Militarism: Chronicling 100 Years of ‘Military Victimhood’ from Print to Digital 1918-2018

The project looks at militarism and its role in the commemoration of the British war dead since 1918 up until the present day, and utilises the vast materials on offer at the British Library, notably the UK Web Archive’s First World War Centenary collection.

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“Mohawk? As in the hairstyle!?” – the joys of explaining my PhD to others

Jack Benton talks about the challenges of communicating his PhD research, on the impact of urban green spaces, to ‘non-experts’.

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Pilot studies, planning and preparation prevents poor PhD performance – the value of piloting research methods

NWSSDTP funded student Tamsin Fisher (Keele) reflects upon the methods used in her research.

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