North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership

Sweet Home Alabama…. Indiana: Overseas Fieldwork Visit

Hannah Sawyer, Psychology, University of Liverpool (2018 cohort).

I am currently sat here writing this blog from my new (temporary) home at Purdue University, Indiana. I am almost halfway through my overseas fieldwork visit and what an experience it has been so far! I am not going to lie, leaving my family at the airport and travelling to Indiana by myself was not easy. Although I may be used to living 200 miles away from home, 4000 miles is a completely different story, and let’s just say my sense of direction is not the best! So, the thought of having to make my way to a new university by myself was terrifying. However, I made it, and I am having a great time (the constant sunshine and less of the Liverpool rain may also be contributing to that).

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CASE Studentship: Staffordshire and Slavery

Hannah Smith, Economic and Social History, Keele University (2021 Cohort)

I commenced my CASE studentship in October, and I have found it beneficial in numerous ways. My studentship includes a one-year MRes project, plus a three-year PhD project. The PhD is focused on Staffordshire and Slavery, however for my MRes I am analysing the memory surrounding slavery and abolition in Liverpool, and the legacies remaining for the people of colour within the community. The research I have pursued for my MRes has alerted me to possible avenues I would like to pursue for my PhD, such as collective memory’s impact on current society. The 1+3 year format of my studentship allowed me to have a funded MRes in the same way my PhD is funded. The stipend I have received has allowed me to solely focus on my MRes, enabling me to dedicate more time towards it compared to if I had to support myself.

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Tips on Fieldwork from a B&B

Leah Molyneux, Criminology, Social Policy and Social Work, University of Liverpool (2020 Cohort)

For the past three months I have been conducting observational fieldwork with a rural UK police force. My research is concerned with understanding the role of the sergeant within the police organisation. Particular attention is paid to how sergeants shape the way frontline police officers manage and understand discretion.

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Sun, Sea and Statistical Learning

Heather Turnbull, Psychology, University of Liverpool (2020 cohort).

The return of the Interdisciplinary Advances in Statistical Learning (IASL) conference not only was the first post-pandemic but also the first I attended as a PhD candidate. The fact it was held in the elegant seaside resort of San Sebastián on Spain’s northern coast and that the NWSSDTP Research Training Support Grant covered travel costs was an added bonus.

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