North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership

Internship at the Australian Council for Educational Research

Internship, Sofia Eleftheriadou, Educational Research, University of Manchester

Thanks to the NWSSDTP Internship scheme, I had the opportunity to undertake a placement at the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) in Melbourne, Australia. ACER is an educational research organisation with a long history in addressing learning across the life span and research expertise in national and international surveys, assessment and reporting, and research to inform educational policy and practice. ACER has also long been one of the contributors responsible for the implementation of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in Australia and internationally.  The PISA survey is of particular interest to me since I am using data from this assessment to investigate the measurement of the collaborative problem solving construct, and therefore, when searching for potential places to undertake a placement, I felt that ACER would be a great fit for me.

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Resilience and the PhD with Will Medd

‘Far from the dreary PowerPoint presentation given by a flip-flop wearing, surfboard wielding stock image life coach I had expected, this interactive workshop led by professional coach Will Medd was both eye-opening and immensely rewarding’. 

This one-day experiential workshop created an opportunity for students to step back and align their PhD to what really matters and find the confidence to make it work. See below reflections from two students Joe Pearson and Oliver Kennedy who attended the workshop.

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Internship at Latin American and Caribbean Demographic Centre (CELADE)

Andrea Lisette Aparicio Castro, Social Statistics, University of Manchester

My internship has already made an impact on my PhD research and my future career, and gave me experience of working with official projects regarding migration. In terms of my PhD, my internship provided four inputs for my research: census data related to international migration, the opinions and comments of experts in South American migration, knowledge about South American migration of the professionals who work in CELADE, and experience of working with official projects regarding migration.

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Overseas Institutional Visit to Research Centre for Statistics, University of Geneva

Hang Liu, Social Statistics, Lancaster University, 2017 Cohort

I found the OIV extremely helpful for both my PhD research and future career. During this visit, Professor Davide La Vecchia from University of Geneva and I spent the first two days discussing my PhD research topic—center-outward R-estimation. We had a deeper understanding of the methods and potential applications. Meanwhile, he kindly introduced to me the generalized dynamic factor model, which has numerous applications in economics, finance, etc .We then had a thorough discussion on this topic with Professor Matteo Barigozz from LSE. Right after this visit, we started working on this topic as we had a paper planned to be submitted to a premium journal. We also had a Skype meeting with Professor Marc Hallin, discussing future cooperation on another paper on multivariate robust testing, which is scheduled after finishing the work with Professor Davide La Vecchia and Professor Matteo Barigozz.

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2nd Lancaster PhD Summer School on Applied Macroeconometrics / Time Series

The 2nd Lancaster PhD Summer School on Applied Macroeconometrics / Time Series took place from the 25th to the 27th of September 2019 at LUMS. The Summer School was organised by Dr Giorgio Motta and Prof Efthymios Pavlidis, both staff members of the Department of Economics of Lancaster University. The event was organised by the Economics (main organiser), Accounting and Finance and Social Statistics pathways.

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Unconventional Oil and Gas in South Africa: Science, Technology and Policy

Jack Hemingway, Development and Humanitarianism in an Unequal World, Lancaster University, 2018 cohort

South Africa is seeing an increased interest in the exploitation of its extensive shale gas and coal seam gas reserves. These developments could fundamentally alter the South African energy landscape and are potentially of enormous economic benefit to the country. The promise of jobs, cheaper and (potentially) cleaner fuel, and a massive GDP boost are particularly attractive to South Africa, with its ongoing energy and unemployment crises. But, as in other countries, the exploitation of unconventional oil and gas (UOG), particularly by hydraulic fracturing (or fracking), is proving controversial.

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NWSSDTP Fieldwork in Chile: September 2018 – September 2019

Richard Smith, Language Based Area Studies, University of Liverpool, 2018 Cohort

I have just started the third year of my PhD, having spent much of my second year in Chile doing fieldwork. I am studying the role of secondary school and university students in the opposition to the brutal dictatorship that was in power there between 1973 and 1990. During my first year I had identified some archives to explore, but, as the regime’s rule was pitiless, with thousands of people killed or disappeared, tens of thousands imprisoned and tortured, and hundreds of thousands forced into exile, those resisting military rule, and the secondary school students in particular, rarely committed much to paper.  Read More