The Linguistics Pathway combines the expertise of three institutions, Lancaster University, University of Liverpool, and The University of Manchester, in focusing on the intersection of language and society. The pathway covers areas such as sociolinguistics, regional and social variation of English and other languages, multilingualism and language acquisition, the status of minority languages and language policy more generally, the pragmatics of language use in communication, psycholinguistics, and more. Particular strengths of the three-institution consortium include the study of language variation and change, especially in phonetics and phonology, laboratory phonetics (both acoustic and articulatory, e.g. ultrasound tongue imaging), phonology (both laboratory and theoretical), dialectal variation in English, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, and the use of advanced quantitative methods in linguistics.

Programmes eligible for NWSSDTP funding

N.B. Master’s programmes can only be funded as part of a 1+3/2+2 Studentship

Lancaster University

University of Liverpool

University of Manchester

For information on how to apply for funding, please visit our How to Apply page.

Pathway Representatives

Contact details for Linguistics Pathway Representatives at each institution can be found here

Current Linguistics DTP students


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