MethodsX: Quantitative Methods

Quantitative methods bring a highly systematic and rigorous approach to data analysis and are a powerful tool for social scientists to use when testing their theories or undertaking initial exploratory analysis. This theme is open to all doctoral students that are interested in using established and cutting edge quantitative methodologies and data in their research.

The stream will evaluate the benefits and limitations of different types of quantitative methods and provide a support network for members to discuss and find solutions to the challenges they are facing.

Themes to expand upon include (but are not limited to):

  • operationalising concepts in a quantitative analysis;
  • ensuring that research projects rooted in quantitative methodologies remain theory and topic driven;
  • how to choose between competing analytical techniques and determine the most appropriate approach for your study;
  • balancing theoretical and pragmatic decisions in your research design;
  • dealing with imperfect data and the compromises this may entail to the overall research design;
  • techniques for dealing with missing data;
  • dealing with large and unstructured flows of new data available via digital technologies and platforms, i.e. Twitter and Facebook; and
  • understanding the design principles behind citizen social science methodologies.

MethodsX Stream Lead: Tomáš Diviák (

To sign up for the Quantitative Methods mailing list, please contact Tomáš directly.

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