Language Based Area Studies

The Language Based Area Studies pathway focuses on studies of one or more areas of the world, for which a modern foreign language (i.e. a language other than English) is key to the success of the study. Studies can be confined to one country or deal with two or more countries, and may relate to particular regions or sub-regions, such as the Arab World, East Asia, Latin America, or Russia and Eastern Europe. It will normally be expected that research conducted under this pathway will be centrally concerned with geographical areas outside the U.K.; research which is centrally concerned with the activities of U.K. nationals or entities within the U.K. but also requires some foreign-language research, will not normally fall under this pathway. Area studies research under this pathway involves subjects and approaches that are within the domain of social scientific fields (broadly conceived), such as those covered in other NWSSDTP pathways.

Programmes eligible for NWSSDTP funding

N.B. Master’s programmes can only be funded as part of a 1+3/2+2 Studentship

Lancaster University

University of Liverpool

University of Manchester

For information on how to apply for funding, please visit our How to Apply page.

Pathway Representatives

Contact details for Language Based Area Studies Pathway Representatives at each institution can be found here

Current Language Based Area Studies NWSSDTP students


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