ShowCASE Seminar Series

Natalie Taylor, Psychology, University of Liverpool (2021 Cohort)

NWSSDTP CASE Studentships are unique in that they provide opportunities for PhD students to work collaboratively on a doctoral project with non-HEI institutions or organisations, being supported by both expert academic supervisors and an external co-supervisor.

As CASE students, we wanted to create a platform for CASE students and their organisational partners to present their work and research, discuss and promote collaborative research opportunities, and reach new audiences in terms of support, promotion and education. We also were keen to build a community of CASE students and partners, enabling sharing of experiences and networking to initiate future ideas and collaborations. Hence, the ShowCASE series was born!

The idea is that the series takes place monthly, with each seminar providing the opportunity for one CASE student to invite along their CASE partner to deliver a joint online presentation lasting about 45 minutes-1 hour long and focusing on their work. Academic staff, students and partner organisations are all invited to attend. Not only is this a great chance to develop presenting skills, but also to hear about all the great collaborative work going on across the DTP. CASE partners also benefit by being able to promote their organisation to a wider audience. We wanted the seminars to be very informal, relaxed, and flexible to students and CASE partners, taking place at lunchtime via Zoom to allow people from across the DTP to attend.

As part of the ShowCASE organising committee, I felt duty-bound to be amongst the first presenters and so I took the slot in the second seminar in the series. The structure of the presentation was informal – my external supervisor from the CASE partner, Can Cook, spoke about the organisation, I spoke about the research and work I’ve been doing with them, then we each talked about the benefits and drawbacks we’ve experienced as a result of the collaboration.

This was my first opportunity to present with my CASE partner and I found it a very rewarding experience. We both fed off what each other had to say, and the collaborative nature of the research was really reflected in the way we collaborated on the presentation. Presenting my work at the ShowCASE seminar series has led to making connections in other departments at my University, helping to find other students working in similar areas and share thoughts, ideas and references! Also, having the chance to talk about my research and answering questions from the audience shed new light on certain aspects of the research and my future plans and has got me thinking in different ways, which is always useful. I signed off the Zoom call feeling motivated and excited about my research and gained good feedback from the presentation which was a real confidence boost!

Overall, I think the ShowCASE seminar series demonstrates how research can have practical real-life applications and impact, and I would definitely recommend taking part – either as a viewer or a presenter. Additionally, we are going to plan a social event in summer, so that CASE students involved in the series, or otherwise, may meet in person and help to build up this network of CASE students across the DTP. If you would be interested in getting involved in the ShowCASE seminar series, please contact me at!

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