Bending Boundaries Podcast: PhDs that move beyond the rules of academia

with Seren Thomas, Meghan Grant & Ebru Calin

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Join Seren, Ebru and Meghan as they discuss their experiences of doing their PhDs, as people who are part of groups who often aren’t seen, heard and celebrated in academia. With monthly guests, they encourage visibility, and acceptance of the intersectional layers of our identities within academic research and the PhD process.

By amplifying the voices of minorities that have been rendered silent, “Bending Boundaries” sheds light on the heteronormative, gendered and racialized notions of membership, belonging and recognition in universities which are deeply entrenched in the operation of admission processes, scholarships, graduate departments, and professional organizations.

“Bending Boundaries” aims to break the silence around the history of structural racism, ableism and heteronormativity upon which universities are built globally as well as compensate for a lack of education on equality, diversity, and inclusion in academia. Moving beyond normative assumptions around the concept of “Academic Citizenship” – meaning the socially constructed boundaries of what is assumed to be the ‘ideal’ student affecting who gets admitted, who and what gets funded, who and what gets published where, Seren, Meghan, and Ebru create a space for activism, and self-discovery through conversations that encourage equity and more diverse representation in doctoral education.

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