Planning and Environment PGR Away Day

The Planning and Environmental (P&E) Pathway in NWSSDTP successfully held a Planning Away Day for PGRs on 20th May 2022 at Ness Botanic Garden. In total, there were 20 participants including both PGRs and staff from the University of Liverpool and University of Manchester. In addition there were four visiting PGR scholars from France, Pakistan, and India. All participants enjoyed the day and appreciated the excellent opportunity this Post-COVID event provided to get to know each other’s research and exchange ideas through various activities in a very pleasant environment. The interactive talk delivered by Professor Dave Shaw inspired the Researchers about the PhD process. Roundtable discussions offered more focused dialogue around key issues for PGRs, covering themes including post-PhD opportunities, publication strategy, and conferences/academic networking. All participants were keen to keep in touch with each other and looked forward to further activities. The PGR communities across the two institutions would like to arrange another meeting in the future, perhaps in another location.

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