Internship at Latin American and Caribbean Demographic Centre (CELADE)


Andrea Lisette Aparicio Castro, Social Statistics, University of Manchester, 2018 Cohort

My internship has already made an impact on my PhD research and my future career, and gave me experience of working with official projects regarding migration. In terms of my PhD, my internship provided four inputs for my research: census data related to international migration, the opinions and comments of experts in South American migration, knowledge about South American migration of the professionals who work in CELADE, and experience of working with official projects regarding migration.

I was involved in three projects, the first on Research on International Migration in Latin America and the Caribbean, the second on Internal Migration in Latin America and the Caribbean (MIALC, by its acronym in Spanish), and the third was related to an initiative of the UN to promote the improvement of the production of data on migration in Latin American and the Caribbean countries. I worked with Zulma Sosa, who is the Coordinator of the Population Demography and Information Area. I commented on a questionnaire that was sent to the countries of the region.

My internship has already made an impact on my future career. I have widened my academic and professional networks, met experts in my field (e.g. Jorge Martinez, Jorge Rodriguez, Helena Cruz and Guiomar Bay) and have been invited to be part of the network of projections and production of demographic data (ProDatos, by its acronym in Spanish) of the Latin American Population Association (ALAP, by its acronym in Spanish).

I would recommend the Internship Scheme to other students, as it enables deepening theoretical knowledge of the subject area, offers the opportunity to learn practical aspects of the area of study. and allows strengthening of academic and professional networks. In my personal experience, the internship gave me new perspectives of my research.

From the perspective of Andrea’s supervisors:

‘The internship has been an unequivocal success. As is evident from Andrea’s report, the experience has had multiple benefits for both her PhD research and her development as a researcher.  This includes outcomes that would have been hard to have attained other than through the unique opportunities of working at CELADE the host organisation – the preparation of the datasets being an example, as well as the insights and ideas on her PhD work acquired through interaction with CELADE staff.

In terms of follow up, the internship has helped establish good contacts with CELADE staff working in her field (methodologically and specifically in relation to South America) that Andrea is keen to maintain and build on. More generally, the experience with CELADE provides an invaluable example of good practice that we will use at Manchester to inform our developing model for international internships

The supervision team extended sincere thanks to CELADE as hosts and ESRC for financial support in making this internship opportunity possible and such a success’.

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