2nd Lancaster PhD Summer School on Applied Macroeconometrics / Time Series

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The 2nd Lancaster PhD Summer School on Applied Macroeconometrics / Time Series took place from the 25th to the 27th of September 2019 at LUMS. The Summer School was organised by Dr Giorgio Motta and Prof Efthymios Pavlidis, both staff members of the Department of Economics of Lancaster University. The event was organised by the Economics (main organiser), Accounting and Finance and Social Statistics pathways.

Following the inaugural 2018 PhD Summer School, that focused on political economy and applied microeconometrics, the theme of the 2019 Summer School was nonlinear time series and applied macroeconometrics, with a particular emphasis on recent developments in (i) the identification and estimation of structural macroeconometric models and (ii) modelling structural breaks in economic and financial conditions.

Regarding its format, the event consisted of 16 hours of lectures delivered by two prominent macroeconomists, Prof. James Morley (University of Sydney) and Prof. Luca Gambetti (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and Director of the Barcelona GSE Macroeconometrics Summer School); two hours of presentations that offered the opportunity to PhD students to present their research and obtain valuable feedback; and two social events that took place after the Summer School’s sessions on the 25th and 26th of September

The event was advertised to all Departments of Economics using the CHUDE, the NARTI, and NWSSDTP mailing lists. We also contacted colleagues from universities and Central Banks abroad and we prepared a website (http://wp.lancs.ac.uk/lancaster-phd-summer-school-2019/) which provides information such as the call for applications etc.

Following the completion of the event, very positive feedback was received on the quality of the lectures but also on the organisation of the summer school (the social events etc.), for example:

The course was targeted to a wide audience as each of the sections “Nonlinear Time Series Processes” and “Structural Macroeconometric Models” offered an introduction of basic concepts before going into the detail of more advanced methods. Both of the speakers were not only cutting-edge researchers but also excellent communicators. They covered a very comprehensive amount of techniques in both theoretical and applied terms devoting time to speak about their experience on their application which I found particularly insightful. 

On organisational terms the course evolved very smoothly with food and amazing evening events provided by the school. This allowed the participants to interact beyond the classes. The school made available accommodation at a very competitive rate. This was located in the campus and was therefore easy to reach after class. 

Also, I wanted to thank the organisers for the opportunity  to present my work to a specialised audience with such high standards. 

For Pathway Representative who wish to find out more about funding available for Pathway Events, visit our Guidance for Staff page.

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