North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership


Historical research in and beyond the archive – everyday encounters with local history

Many students have had their research methods affected by the pandemic has affected, read how Ella Bytheway-Jackson adapted to the change and the benefits she experienced.

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‘Collective Thought as Anti / Decolonial Practice’ Methodological Training.

Naiara Unzurrunzaga discusses the benefits of attending online workshops that helped to adjust methodological approaches and collaborate with other researchers.

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A glimpse of working in the industry as a researcher through the Accelerating Business Collaboration (ABC) initiative and Code-Switch Consultants

Andrea Aparicio-Castro shares her experience of taking part in the Accelerating Business Collaboration with non-business partners.

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The PhD journey so far

The pandemic has changed many aspects of ‘normal’ life – Sarah Garlick discusses how it impacted her PhD and Viva experience.

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