Priority Areas

The ESRC have awarded the NWSSDTP 12 steered awards each year in the following Priority Areas:

  • Advanced Quantitative Methods (4 awards)
  • Use of ESRC data sets (4 awards)
  • Interdisciplinary research, which straddles other research council remits (4 awards)

It is important that the NWSSDTP takes up the full complement of awards made in Priority Areas each year. To encourage full take up of these awards, the NWSSDTP is able to offer enhanced stipends of £3000 per annum to students whose projects align with the following Specialised Training Routes identified by the ESRC as strengths within the consortium, that fit within the Priority Areas above:

  • AQM
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis (for Use of ESRC Data sets)
  • Data Science (for Interdisciplinary research, which straddles other research council remits)

Guide to NWSSDTP Specialised Training Routes

We also encourage students to identify if their proposed project fits into a Priority Area, even if it does not fall in one of the Specialised Training Routes outlined above. In these cases, if the candidate is successful an enhanced stipend will not be payable, but the application will be considered positively in terms of fit with a priority area.