Sociology modules available for Module Exchange

Lancaster University

SOCL521 Environment and Culture

SOCL919 Research Projects in Practice: From Design to Dissemination

GWS.407 Debates in Gender Research

SOCL937 Mobilities, Society & Change

SOCL913 Gender, Sex and Bodies

SOCL906 The Social Life of Science and Technology: Theories and Debates

SOCL921 Contemporary Debates in Social Theory

SOCL931 Methods in Science and Technology Studies

SOCL922 The Philosophies of Social Research

SOCL943 Capitalism and Crisis

GWS.403 Feminist Media and Cultural Studies

GWS.406 Feminist Technoscience Studies

SOCL907 Social and Cultural Theory

University of Liverpool

SOCI504 Philosophy of Social Science

SOCI501 The Politics and Practices of Social Research

SOCI508 Understanding Society Using Quantitative Methods

SOCI514 Using Surveys and Statistics to Understand Social Attitudes

SOCI515 Using Foucault’s Methods

SOCI516 Focus Groups

SOCI517 Critical Discourse Analysis

SOCI518 Visual Data, Visual Analysis

SOCI519 Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis

SOCI520 Participatory Action Research

SOCI526 Interviewing

SOCI521 Ethnographic Studies of Science and Technology

SOCI524 Narrative Interviewing

SOCI533 Observation

SOCI534 Spatial Analysis: Mapping Techniques in Social Research

SOCI540 Photography and Creative Practice

SOCI571 Doing Ethical Research

SOCI573 Doing Twitter Analytics

University of Manchester

SOCY60401 Research Design I

SOCY60412 Research Design II

SOCY60432 Methodological Issues in Social Research

SOST70511 Introduction to Quantitative Methods

SOCY70722 Narrative Analysis

SOCY60231 Foundational and Advanced Perspectives on Qualitative Research

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