Planning and Environment modules available for Module Exchange

University of Liverpool

ENVS383 Marine Ecology: Theory and Applications

ENVS541 Marine Planning Theory and Practice

ENVS423 Advanced Conservation Biology

ENVS427 Making Plans

ENVS432 Theory, Power & Ethics

ENVS439 Making Places

ENVS453 Spatial Analysis

ENVS459 Implementing and Managing Change

ENVS469 Trends, Outcomes and Impacts

ENVS470 Business & the Environment

ENVS471 Tackling Environmental Issues

ENVS525 Politics of the Environment

ENVS536 Urban and Regional Regeneration

ENVS557 Social and Spatial Inequalities

ENVS563 Geographic Data Science

SOCI327 Culture, Economy and Cities

University of Manchester

PLAN60042 Urban Theory, Planning Theory and Professional Ethics

PLAN60021 Planning Powers and Procedures

PLAN60102 Land and Development

PLAN60812 Neighbourhood Planning

PLAN60712 Urban Regeneration (Specialism)

PLAN60771 Planning for Environmental Change

PLAN60871 Infrastructure Planning

PLAN60511 Local Economic Development

PLAN60472 Appraisal and Auditing

PLAN60441 Concepts in Environmental Law

PLAN60462 Strategic Environmental Assessment

MGDI60552 Climate Change, Disasters and Responses

MGDI60531 Critical Issues in Urban Inequality

PLAN60331 Property Valuation

PLAN60342 Real Estate Law in Practice

PLAN72061 Urban Development Planning in Cities of the South: An International Perspective

PLAN72072 Best Practice Case Studies in Urban Development Planning in Cities in the South

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