Economic and Social History modules available for Module Exchange

Lancaster University

HIST421: Beyond the Text: Image, Sound and Object as Historical Evidence

HIST425: Introduction to Latin Translation for Historians

HIST426: Using Digital Texts as Historical Sources

HIST420: How Historians Understand and Explain

HIST427: Belief and Unbelief: Gods and Pagans from Antiquity to Today

HIST429: Spatial Technologies for Historical Analysis

HIST424: Medieval Primary Sources: Genre, Rhetoric and Transmission

HIST477: Creative Voices: History and Fiction

HIST434: Critical Heritage Studies

HIST491: Outreach, Heritage and Public History Placement

University of Liverpool

HIST581 Histories of Slavery

HIST521 Approaches to the Global 18th Century

HIST516 Themes in Cultural History

HIST503 Flashpoints and Watersheds in Twentieth Century History

HIST507 Historical Research

HIST575 Recordkeeping Systems and the Organisational Context

HIST579 English Post-medieval Records (Reading and Interpretation)

HIST560 Medieval Palaeography (general)

HIST522 Revolution and social change: politics, cultures and societies in the 18th-century world

HIST520 Sites of Cultural History

HIST512 Flashpoints and Watersheds in Twentieth Century History 2

HIST587 Literature, Art and Architecture in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

University of Manchester

HIST61221 History Beyond the Nation State: Debates & Dialogues in Modern History

HIST60041 Remaking Modern British History

HIST62282 Cultural Theory for Historians: Discourse, Place, Agency & Power

HIST61041 War, Culture and Conflict

HIST64491 Public History: Historians & the Public Sphere

HIST64192 Club Med? How Mediterranean Empires Went Global

HIST64292 From Cottonopolis to Metropolis: Manchester Communities & Institutions

HIST64392 The Boundaries of the Political: Conceptual Innovation & Political Change

HIST65192 Landscapes of Modernity: Cities & Urban Culture in Historical Perspective

SALC61202 The History of Humanitarian Aid

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