COVID-19 Revised Proposals

We are conscious that the consequences of COVID-19 could affect the planned trajectory of many PhD and Postdoctoral projects, in particular those involving fieldwork and face-to-face engagement with human subjects. This tranche of studentships and fellowships awarded by the NWSSDTP to commence October 2020 were determined hypothetically, i.e. on the strength of the project proposal at the time it was written, without factoring in the possible implications of COVID-19 on the proposed project.

As such, we are asking all candidates who have been successfully awarded a +3 or +2 Studentship or a Postdoctoral Fellowship to provide broad details on contingency plans, in the event of the project potentially having to be reshaped due to the implications of COVID-19.

Further details can be found here: NWSSDTP COVID-19 Revised Projects Guidance

Responding to this request is a condition of your funding, even in cases where no or little modification is likely to be required. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the team at if you have any questions.

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