ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Session

The ESRC and NWSSDTP fund a small cohort of Postdoctoral Fellows each year, who are supported to undertake a one year postdoctoral project shortly after completing their PhDs. In this session, we hear about the research undertaken by past and present fellows across a range of disciplines:

  • Dr Leo Singer, University of Liverpool: ‘Time to break the chains: Advancing biosocial understanding of multimorbidity’
  • Dr Andy Yuille, Lancaster University: ‘Experiments in democracy: Knowing and caring in neighbourhood planning and beyond’
  • Dr Carol Gray, University of Liverpool: ‘From informed consent to shared decision-making’
  • Dr Judit Fazekas, University of Liverpool: ‘Prediction and language acquisition’
  • Dr Lenny Hodges, Lancaster University: ‘A Company State of Mind: The Textual Worlds of the Compagnie des Indes, 1719-1769’
  • Dr Stefano Locatelli, University of Manchester: The Political Economy and Culture of Money in the late Middle Ages: The Gold Florin of Florence, 13th-14th Centuries

Video Pending

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